What are Lifeways Coaching Cards?

For anyone visiting the blog who doesn’t have a set of cards, I thought it would be useful to give a decription of what the cards are and how they can be used.

Lifeways Coaching Cards were created and designed by Tim Kenning and first published in November 2005. They are a pack of life coaching cards based on the metaphor of ‘Life is a journey,’ they have road signs on one side and NLP/coaching questions on the other. There are 55 cards in the deck and they are the same size as a bridge playing cards. They come in a strong plastic box so they can be carried with you in a pocket or bag.

These coaching cards enable a coach to facilitate any coaching issue in a novel and engaging way. There are processes designed into the cards that guide you through picking a topic, creative thinking, goal setting, clarifying an issue, and planning a project just like a session of life coaching.

The ‘Life is a Journey’ metaphor is closely aligned to how we naturally think, and, of course, road signs have all the appropriate associations for the metaphor of a journey.

When you transform an issue into a metaphor you increase the ‘thinking space,’ so there are more possibilities and choices available.

The questions on the rear of the cards are designed to point people outside of their current mindset, and since they are thinking about their issue in terms of metaphor, it’s even easier to provoke them to think beyond what was keeping them stuck. They will find their own answers and solutions.

For comments and feedback on how effective this approach can be check out the page on Testimonials.


One Response to “What are Lifeways Coaching Cards?”

  1. rhonda Says:

    where can I purchase the life coaching cards?

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